Peter Hulm: Publications

Development and Political Science Articles

Live 8: Ghostly Return of the Beautiful People?

Why the Live 8 political agenda failed. Poiesis, in press.

Getting beyond TIT for TAT

The work of Robert Axelrod. October 1999, Crosslines Global Report

The Argument Culture

The work of Deborah Tannen. September 1999, Crosslines Global Report

‘Civic science’ and the Climate Change Convention

A challenge to epistemic theorizing and 'neutral science' presumptions, 1995, Crosslines Global Report, 2001.


Contributing editor, International Trade Forum, ITC, 1999-present

Contributing editor, World Conservation Union, IUCN 1984-present

Editorial advisor

Consultant, World Economic Forum, 1984-present



Editor, Turning LDC Successes into Business Opporutnities, ITC, 2002

Editor, Is Your Trade Support Network Working, ITC, 2001

Editor, Export Development in the Digital Economy, ITC, 2000

Editor, Redefining Trade Promotion: The Need for a Strategic Response, ITC 1999